An argument against a teen curfew

Curfews for Teens are Pointless and Violate Human Rights

The Fillmore music hallwhich opens this fall, will do just that, putting two thousand ticket-buying people on the streets multiple times a week.

A curfew law would be applied judicially. Studies from to suggested that there was no measurable benefit to curfew laws. For all these reasons it is imperative that not only this curfew proposal be squashed, but that ways of reducing the de facto Stop and Frisk police powers that OPD has now must be put forth and enacted.

We seem to find it more comforting to point a finger of blame at another group. They are not yet adults. San Jose and San Francisco make an interesting contrast. One more step in the restriction of our personal rights.

Some curfew laws are also in effect during school hours. Making a law that only the law-abiding are likely to obey is not the answer. A curfew would give more responsibility to the parents. Wendy Ruderman reported… about a little-discussed aspect of the program — the humiliating toll that it has taken on women, who say that male police officers have singled them out without cause for invasive searches and harassment.

A curfew law would simply hold parents more accountable for the actions of their children. Regardless of a failure to realize these ideals perfectly, our country's success has been based on their progressive realization. There is yet another reason curfew laws are problematic. You may say that there is not but that does not mean you may limit them, I say you may.

We can look specifically at the case of Alan Blueford to see these problems. Police, meanwhile, argue that curfews help reduce juvenile crime - a claim some researchers dispute - while preventing young people from becoming crime victims. Children first have to overcome the rules of their own parents before they dive into figuring out federal, regional, or municipal restrictions.

She says Vernon should spend its money on positive activities for youth, including a new skateboarding park. Furthermore, there has been no attempt that I have been able to find to discuss a balance between the restrictions on freedom and the inevitable harassment of young people that curfew laws mandate versus any alleged benefit.

At the time, the curfews required the general population to stay calmly in their homes while firefighters put out devastating fires — a policy which, in the times of wooden houses, made considerable sense. Albuquerque's mayor, for instance, began asking lawmakers for a statewide curfew after a year-old was shot in a park in the early morning hours last August.

I strongly disagree with the movement now afoot to institute a statewide teen-age curfew. I object to the idea for these reasons: 1.

The Case Against Curfews

It would be an abridgement of personal freedom. The Case Against Curfews September 23, at am. “the evidence does not support the argument that curfews prevent crime and victimization.

Juvenile crime and victimization are most likely to remain unchanged after implementation of curfew laws.” “being subject to a curfew reduces the number of violent and property crimes. Proponents of curfews argue they protect teenagers from potential dangers, and that argument is ultimately true.

If children stay locked away at home, the chance they will be stolen from, hit, stabbed, or kidnapped is zero percent —. Teen curfew laws restrict the hours that juveniles may be on the streets or in public places at night (Sutphen and Ford). Some people consider curfews infringing on people’s constitutional rights.

Curfews are hard to implement by law enforcement, and, in fact.

8 Reasons Why I Support A Statewide Curfew For Teens

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America's Curfew Debate

I am for curfew laws. And I will state several reasons as a rebuttal to your reason: A parent is allowing their teen to go across the street and buy something to eat, and are allowing their.

In Dallas, Texas where a curfew for youths under age 17 took effect in Maypolice reports show violent crime by juveniles has decreased by % and overall juvenile crime has .

An argument against a teen curfew
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