An argument against the use of spanking as a disciplinary method

Religiously-motivated pro-spanking websites are extremely common.

Christianity Today Goes on the Record against Spanking

But use of the term spanking is problematic in that how caregivers interpret it varies widely, and there is frequent overlap with what pediatricians consider to be abuse.

A new meta-analysis addresses several of the most contentious points in the debate and concludes that spanking does pose risks, but differences of opinion persist.

After all, aren't you trying to teach your child to empathise with others, to build and maintain relations, to be a friendly, helpful, and conscientious person.

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Late toddlers two years to three years The struggle for mastery, independence and self-assertion continues. What is so bad about spanking. Abolishing physical discipline will do nothing to satisfy their own wants and needs, because as adults they're not in danger of being physically disciplined anyway.

After time-out is over, it is over. Spanking has beneficial and positive effect on the behavior of children Many parents found it easier to use corporal punishment such as spanking to correct the child's unwanted and unacceptable behavior. The physician must stress that teaching about limits and acceptable behaviour takes time and a great deal of energy.

Ask him - respectfully, not sarcastically - if he loves his brother. Studies of Gershoff also need to be reviewed since it considered acts of physical abuses such as hitting the child with object and slapping, under the spanking or corporal punishment category.

Effective discipline for children

The supporters argued further that it is not the punishment that causes children to be defiant, instead, it is the defiance observed in children that provoked punishment. Lectures do not work well and some consider them to be counterproductive. Examples of spanking apologetics are everywhere online.

Its use as a strategy to improve overall behavior is fraught with risk. There are countless links to these press releases and news reports on parenting boards and blogs attempting to endorse or justify spanking.

In most of continental Europe, school corporal punishment has been banned for several decades or longer, depending on the country see the list of countries below. Many schools give the misbehaving child a choice between suspension and being beaten with a paddle. Trends in youth crime and well-being since the abolition of corporal punishment in Sweden.

Argument that Spanking is Never a Justifiable Punishment

Its seems to me that those who want to cut those text out of the bible that teach corporal punishment are giving in to the temptation to be lazy parents. Yet Swedish families still manage to survive this loss of freedom and raise their children.

Pro-corporal punishment, anti-corporal punishment, and conditional corporal punishment, which will be discussed in this paper. What if the belt leaves a bruise that lasts for a few days. Time-out can be used if the child loses control.

General statements against corporal punishment Psychologist H. The distinction of effects in biochemical, functional and structural changes happening in the brain between the act of child abuse and spanking is not clearly established in many studies Baumrind, D.

The conclusions and recommendations in this statement should, therefore, be viewed as subject to revision and clarification as data continue to accumulate. The foundation of effective discipline is respect.

School corporal punishment

The AAP periodically surveys its Fellows on a variety of topics. Spanking children had been practiced by many parents across culture and across time. As a further demonstration of the importance of careful statistical controls, Robert Larzelere, a psychologist at Oklahoma State University, and his colleagues reported in a study that grounding and psychotherapy are linked just as strongly to bad behavior as spanking is but that all the associations disappear with the use of careful statistical controls.

The guards at Guantanamo Bay Detention camp inflicted (and still does inflicts) some of the harshest corporal punishment on its inmates. Some 33 countries retain judicial corporal punishment, including a number of former British territories such as Botswana, Malaysia, Singapore, and Tanzania.

I posted a case saying that it is Legal to spank with wooden it has + comments on a law professor site. One cited the Amer. Psy. Ass. case against spanking: As in many areas of science, some researchers disagree about the validity of the studies on physical punishment.

Child Spanking as a Disciplinary Measure (Essay Sample) Instructions: Write an argument essay on child spanking and determine whether it should be discouraged. This paper argues against child spanking and physical punishment as a disciplinary method for children, with reference to studies carried out on child development and wellbeing. This is a book arguing against smacking (spanking) children. Webb particularly interacts with organisations such as Focus on the Family, which advocates smacking, but suggests a parent administer no more than two smacks at a time. Apr 03,  · So before a parent chooses spanking as a disciplinary method, I think they have to come to terms with this.

The reason I can argue this is that if you did the exact same thing to another adult (your spouse, your neighbor, etc) then it would be defined as a More Than Just Montessori. Evidence Favoring the Use of Disciplinary Spanking.

There is a paucity of published research focusing on ordinary, non-abusive disciplinary spanking of young children administered by loving, well-intentioned parents.

a spank procedure was tested against 3 other procedures in randomized clinical field trials. The two-swat spank procedure

An argument against the use of spanking as a disciplinary method
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Effective discipline for children