An argument in favor of keeping pit bull terrier as a pet

While many of these dogs do indeed have a strong bite, it is a myth that their jaw locks. It is quiet, but it has strong impulses. The American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog; 5. It is important to note that some of these dogs are region specific, such as the Pynat and Stuffawler Pit Bulls.

Are People Adopting Pit Bull Terriers for the Sole Purpose of Euthanizing Them?

The new laws should do any or all of the things set forth in Preventing Dog Bites: This is why there is such variation in behavior between individual dogs, even when they are of the same breed and bred for the same purpose. They said it was unfair even though it accurately reported that this dog is the number one killer of people, children and family members.

This belief has consequences. The biggest thing that causes injury to people or animals is the method pit bulls use instinctively when they bite. This line was bred for dog fighting.

Unfortunately, pit bull type dogs that find themselves in these conditions may be at greater risk for developing aggressive behavior. They argue that the real solution is to place bans on dangerous dogs of any type.

I counted on the pit bull community to do the right thing to protect the breed as well as their own families, friends and neighbors.

ASPCA Policy and Position Statements

And of course, they need to have all the shots that are recommended by your veterinarian. It was viewed not just on social media but also TV news broadcasts. They are generally not very heavy. This is because pit bulls are considered to be a high risk.

All pit bull dogs shall be securely confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel, except when leashed and muzzled as above provided. Or do you only discriminate against anything that "has the appearance or characteristics of any Pit Bull type dog.

Before I co-founded PETA, I served as the chief of animal-disease control and director of the animal shelter in the District of Columbia for many years.

Noting the great diversity of Pit Bull types and breeds we may ask ourselves which is the best breed or bloodline; this question is wrong from the beginning, because each dog has different characteristics which are not negative nor positive by themselves.

There are four main points of view regarding what should be done, discussed in this section. When it attacks, it usually attacks the people around it, not burglars. They are characterized by a pinkish nose and a thin muscular build with long legs and a strong back.

The story of that case, and a review of that evidence, is contained in Nelson K.

Breed-specific legislation

Shame on you and your first world country business run by mentally stunted middle aged white men who should know better. PetSmart does a lot of great things for rescue animals. Pit bull dogs residing in the city at the time of passage of this section must be registered with the city by the owners within ten 10 days of the passage of this section.

The appellants appealed on the grounds that 1 that the ordinance is inconsistent with KRS Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter and specifically with the definition of "vicious dog" contained in KRS Consider Both Financial Costs And Time Costs Pit bulls need to be socialized at a very young age, and from what I have read, they need to be socialized again when they become about the age of an adolescent.

In some cases, the insurance company will make the owner sign papers saying that insurance will not cover any damages caused by the pit bull i. Any dog found to be the subject of a violation may be subject to seizure and impoundment.

She had read about how they grow up to be great dogs if they are well-loved and treated well. Further, the American Pit Bull Terrier comes into focus as potentially ban-worthy dogs because of their aggression toward other animals.

The result of random breeding is a population of dogs with a wide range of behavioral predispositions. It is only with proper understanding and consideration that their reputation can be changed and that people can really start to appreciate this breed appropriately, just as it is with any breed of dog.

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These days, they are kept for protection by almost every drug dealer and pimp in every major city and beyond. Regardless of the differentiation, if you want to adopt a Pit Bull you should consider the following: Currently breeding and selection are illegal, as they are still used for dog fighting.

The dogs are known to be very intelligent, useful working dogs in many capacities. The company claimed that Louisiana law held that only people who licensed their dogs were entitled to sue for compensation if the dog were killed, and that Mr. These dogs were designed specifically to fight other animals and kill them, for sport.

No person shall permit a pit bull dog to be kept on a chain, rope or other type of leash outside its kennel or pen unless a person is in physical control of the leash.

In July, South Dakota became the most recent state to do away with laws that ban or otherwise restrict the ownership of pit bulls.

Pit bulls are not a breed registered with the AKC (In fact, Beaver and others argue pit bulls are not actually a breed in the first place, but rather a loose mix of various breeds).

Thinking of Getting a Pit Bull? Important Things to Consider!

However, the United Kennel Club (the second largest registry of pure bred dogs next to the AKC) does maintain pit bull registrations. But many owners and lovers of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) argue that bans on APBT's are unfair and that the breed makes an excellent companion animal and family pet.

The controversy surrounding American Pit. Jamey Medlin,Pit Bull Bans and the Human Factors Affecting Canine Behavior, 56DePaul L.

Rev () most commonly the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Stafford- family pet, the pit bull today is feared and reviled. A look at public. The legal definition of a pit bull is a class of dogs that of which includes the following breeds: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a.

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some an argument in favor of keeping pit bull terrier as a pet dogs are more an analysis of the movie adaptation by spike jonze dangerous than other breeds.

An argument in favor of keeping pit bull terrier as a pet
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FACT CHECK: Are People Adopting Pit Bull Terriers for the Sole Purpose of Euthanizing Them?