Concept paper on medical aid schemes

Goal 3 CMS is responsive to the environment by being a fair, transparent, effective and efficient organisation Through the improvement of: Our predicted loading costs including inflationary factor ranges from percent. In addition to the level of benefits required, existing university clinic utilization figures should be analysed and included in the costing model.

Concept Paper on Medical Aid Schemes

Promotion of the medical fund for acceptance by target service providers and establishing working relationships with them 2. He also stressed the importance of the private sector working together with government.

Through the control and coordination of the availability of information emanating from regulated entities, their education and training activities, participation in public discussions, and the publication of material in lay and official publications, the CMS will contribute to ensure that members, their dependents, and the public are informed of their rights.

Railmed currently operates such a facility countrywide for the benefit of railway employees scattered across the country. Mission The CMS regulates the medical schemes industry in a fair and transparent manner and achieves this by: The process provides for participation by role-players and once introduced, will significantly enhance the ability to evaluate the health outcomes in terms of resources employed and price paid for such services.

Together, these are known as prescribed minimum benefits. CMS will ensure that it applies corporate governance principles in its operations. They were paying for their health and related expenses from personal resources.

How do medical schemes work?

This can also save on cost as it is possible to negotiate preferential rates. The PMBs also include 27 chronic ailments, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and hypertension. Payments for medicines dispensed by pharmacists and providers other than hospitals amounted to R Drescher, who has become a campaigner on social media for other patients, described the many experiences of other people who have been refused PMB coverage.

Ensure that at all times medical schemes are sensitive to the specific needs of beneficiaries, are financially sound, offers protection against catastrophic financial incidents. Lynley Donnelly 19 Feb The public hearings continue into March.

This is very different to how the NHI works. These, for example, are capacity constraints of public hospitals; lack of provision of local fund in the public hospitals for regular maintenance of medical equipment and continuous supply of reagents for diagnostic tests to smoothen the services and increasing quality of care; provision of sufficient amount of all necessary drugs in the public hospitals; lack of an effective referral chain in the public hospitals; capacity constraints of the existing insurance companies; and lack of third party administrator TPA.

Advantages of the proposed scheme The proposed scheme has the following advantages:. Concept Paper on Medical Aid Schemes MIDLANDS STATE UNIVERSITY Concept paper on the proposed State Universities Medical Fund Distribution List Mrs.

V. Chirasha / Deputy Registrar (Human Resources) Author Mr. Sipho Kabane, acting CEO of the Council of Medical Aid Schemes, said there was a general consensus of acceptance among medical aid schemes.

"It is no doubt that the bill will have a financial impact on companies, but most medical schemes understand the need for universal healthcare.

Designing an Health Insurance Scheme for Government Employees in Bangladesh: A Concept Paper

The Council for Medical Schemes is an autonomous statutory body created by parliament to regulate Medical Schemes in South Africa. Cheap Medical Aid Terminology Explained. It is a tariff that the designated medical aid scheme is willing to pay for specific treatments out of and in hospital for services rendered by the DSP.


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The Cabinet has approved the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill for publication in the government gazette, for public comment. Making the announcement on.

Fin2com | Major medical schemes support NHI’s universal healthcare goal

Medical Scheme, Medical Aid, and other terms explained here to help you on your path to choosing the right Medical Aid cover for you.

+ Medical Aid glossary. A quick guide to Medical Aid Cover.

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Medical Aid for students. Medical Aid for students offers financial cover for health-related expenses at an affordable price for those who have become.

Concept paper on medical aid schemes
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