Importance of festivals in promotion of tourism

Festivals are also a prime opportunity to get to know the local culture and experience the essence the place. These festivals come every year to make us forget all ill-will and communal hatred ad in fact these festivals strengthen the feeling of oneness among the people, without any malice. The data needed for the research was gathered from tourist association management, using the interview method.

These festivals are not just about celebration and fasting in fact imbued with deep inner significance, each festival is a multifaceted celebration. Although times have changed, festivals are still a source of enjoyment for many.

By comparison a ski resort may find a likely partner in an Instagram star focused on luxurious living. Tourism in turn has proven to add value by serving as one of the main driving forces to preserve and strengthen indigenous cultural identity, while at the same time making a positive contribution to social and economic development.

The ACS believes that Carnival is an activity which can be used to drive tourism by promoting the Greater Caribbean brand of Carnival and showcasing the Carnival related activities of the countries of the Region. They also draw media attention, public attendees and, if they are large enough, national travel agencies and their millions of customers.

Due to its favourable geographical position, Istria has always represented an attractive and easily accessible tourist destination for tourists from the neighbouring countries, such as Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Germany. They are, like the cultural events, mostly held during the summer months.

The total of tourist capacities all categories and types records a slight increase in the last ten years or so. Festivals are an important part of our life. By this, future event planning is made impossible from the perspective of quality improvement.

This process is followed so that the first name that the child hears is that of the god. By defining the management's views, their managerial knowledge and skills related to event evaluation, as well as by evaluation of the importance of events, the aim of this paper was to contribute to the event tourist offer development in the most developed tourist destination of the Republic of Croatia.

Tourism Promotion and Marketing

For example, enter into a marketing contract with a national travel agency. To keep this simple we can all agree that religious festivals help us to teach principles and ethics to our next generations. Assessment of offer of events at the tourist destination of Istria One of the research aims is contained in the acquisition of reliable data pertaining to basic characteristics of events at the tourist destination of Istria.

For an individual festival is not just a day off in India but is a lot more than that in our culture, hence we should enjoy our festivities to the fullest and should also try to understand the deep thought behind celebrating it and the message that every festival gives us. Many authors emphasise the need to monitor social, cultural, environmental, political and personal impacts, which are neglected in researches, as opposed to the economic impacts Bowdin, et.

The Mas industry also generates significant economic activity in a range of sectors in the local economy such as entertainment, media, hospitality and retail sectors.

Introduction The importance of events as an element of destination tourist offers is reflected in tourist, social and cultural functions. Thus, it can be hypothesised that: In the name of festival money should not be misused, for after all ours is not a rich country.

Taking into consideration the fact of a somewhat weaker tourist development of the East coast of Istria cluster Labin-Rabac in comparison with the more developed Western coast, the smallest number of events is staged on the East coast of Istria 7.

Festivals creates an environment of cultural harmony. As a dominant motive for choosing Istria as a tourist destination, the concept of sun and sea prevails.

Importance of Festivals in our Life

Local festivals are increasingly being used as instruments for promoting tourism and boosting the regional economy. This is often reflected in the level of public assistance made available to them.

Local Festivals and Tourism Promotion: The Role of Public Assistance and Visitor Expenditure

However, it is difficult to assess the extent of the contribution of the festival to local economic. The festivals have major impact on the development of cultural tourism to the host communities.

The festival organisers are now using the historical and cultural themes to develop the annual events to attract visitors and creating cultural image in the host cities by holding festivals in the community settings.

With events, local culture, tradition and customs are celebrated, entertainment and recreation compliment each other and cultural and social advancement is ensured.

Importance of Festivals in Life

Events are an important motivator of tourism and they are very present in destination development plans and tourism development strategies (Hede, Jago & Deery, ). This can be achieved by countries placing greater emphasis on developing cultural products and activities while simultaneously showcasing more of the cultural aspects in its tourism promotion efforts.

The strength and appeal of cultural events and festivals as an essential component of the tourism product of a country should not be overlooked. IMPORTANCE OF EVENTS AT A TOURIST DESTINATION: Empirical research of County of Istria's management attitudes Ines Milohnić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management Opatija, University of Rijeka Email address: [email protected] Klara Trošt, Ph.D.

Student Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Poreč Email address. Importance of Festivals in Life India is a land of fairs and festivals. Our country is the land of diversity and different communities belonging to different religions live here, therefore many festivals are celebrated regularly every year.

Importance of festivals in promotion of tourism
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The Role of Festivals in the Touism Industry